Working with Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder

Click below to watch my free 1-hour Masterclass which is packed full of practical information to help you understand the Do’s and Don’ts of working with clients who struggle with Emotional / Binge Eating. 

Our Comprehensive 12-week online training includes:

Self-Directed Learning

  • 3 video modules per week, each 30 – 45 mins duration
  • Slides download
  • Downloads of tools and resources for clients
  • Reflective and written exercises

Client Case Studies

  • Weekly online group calls – 90 minutes weekly. Groups are limited to max 12 participants.
  • Facilitated by expert trainers who are also practising professionals
  • Review of self-directed learning material
  • Supervision of case study coaching

Client Case Studies

  • Work with 1-2 case study clients during your training
  • Supervision by expert trainers who are also practising professionals
  • Practical implementation of our ‘done-for-you’ evidence-based program with all the resources, tools and materials you need.

Learn how to use our fully Done-For-You program integrating therapeutic, nutritional and coaching skills. Deepen your skills and grow your practice as an Eating Freely™ Practitioner.

Course Outline & Learning Outcomes

Intake – screening and clients within your competency or referring on. 
CBT: Breaking the All or Nothing thinking, and connecting the dots on triggers to emotional eating.

1. Nutritional Assessment Review.
2. All Calories are not equal – Separating Binge Eating from Regular Eating.
3. Blood Sugar Balancing, Eating Rhythm and Nutritional Assessment Review.

CBT: Reducing Binge Eating Episodes. Tools, guidelines and resources for clients.
Nutrition: Eating Attunement – re-establishing Hunger/Fullness Cues.

1. ‘It’s not you, it’s your brain!’.
2. Breaking Autopilots and Habit Loops.
3. Instant vs Delayed gratification – short and long term.


From Week 4, trainees are encouraged to have 1 – 2 case study clients to begin working with whilst training, in order to integrate the Eating Freely program into practice with confidence, with our support. Minimum 1 case study client is required as part of the assessment process.

Mindfulness: Non-Food Hunger – what am I actually hungry for?
1. Taking the brain out of Fight/Flight/Fear.
2. Moving from short term, unconscious reaction to longer term consciously chosen responses.

Therapy Skills: Family of Origin – Looking at the past to understand the present.

Mindfulness: How to dial down the Inner Critical Voice.

Nutrition: All about Gut Health.

Neuroscience: Conscious and unconscious barriers to change, payoffs for not changing.

Therapy Skills:
​1. All about body image.
2. Authentic self-care and self-compassion.
3. The Inner Child – connecting with the younger self to clear old energy that holds clients back.

Nutrition: Three Audits – ensuring clients have support in 3 key parts of their lives to continue changing their relationship with food and how they eat.

Sustain energy: After you understand why the liver and gut are so important in menopause symptom management you will be able to better understand the role of oestrogen changes which impact energy levels in women. In this module we discuss whether it is adrenal fatigue or peri-menopause causing exhaustion in your clients and I teach you the MyMT™ strategies for assisting women to turn around their liver health and energy levels.

I can’t wait to share this module with you. It is one of my favourites.

Therapy Skills: Radical self-acceptance and transformational change.

Therapy Skills: Forgiveness of self & others.

Ending the contract and ensuring the client has everything they need, including any onward referrals or entering into a new contract to continue building on progress.

Your Investment


Full Pay discount fee


Twelve monthly instalments

Our next training groups commence Monday 28th March and finish Friday 17th June 2022.
Weekly live group calls are on Fridays.

You can choose your preferred payment option and your preferred weekly group call time at the checkout stage.
Your training fee includes your comprehensive, CPD/CE approved training plus ongoing support until 31st December 2022!
Post training support includes:
- membership of our online community of Eating Freely Practitioners
- monthly facilitated peer group supervision sessions
- marketing support #1 - you'll be included on our directory of Eating Freely Practitioners
- marketing support #2 - you'll receive marketing materials to use locally and online
- affiliation membership - you can refer other practitioners to our training as an Eating Freelyaffiliate, the best references we can have are our own satisfied practitioners!
Remember, this is all included in your training fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Emotional and Binge Eating Course runs for 12 weeks and everything is delivered online, so you can complete it from anywhere in the world. You can expect to devote 5-6 hours a week to this course.

The course is delivered in a blended format. Each week you will complete:

  • Three pre-recorded videos – to be watched in your own time weekly ahead of your live group call.
  • Course readings and written exercises – to be completed in your own time.
  • A 1.5 hour live group call online with your expert trainers – scheduled at the same time each week.
  • From Week 5 you will be expected to work with at least 1 case study client in order to integrate your learning into practical experience, with our ongoing support.

We are here to support you as you go. You can always reach out to us directly with any questions or issues you may have – by email or via your dedicated WhatsApp group. Our trainees are fantastic at supporting each other too!

In order to successfully graduate from this training, a minimum 80% attendance is mandatory on online group calls, at least 1 case study client will be worked with for a minimum of 6 sessions during the training period, and trainees must demonstrate a strong understanding of the material and its application to your Course Trainers. This is observed through the weekly group calls.

Our training is fully approved as a comprehensive CE and CPD program that allows you call yourself an Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder Specialist.

Once you complete our training, you have two options.

You can choose to simply integrate the learning into your own existing practice and blend it with your current work to achieve better outcomes for clients seeking eg weight loss support or diabetes management/reversal;


You can join our community of Licensed Eating Freely Practitioners, to clearly identify yourself as an Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder Expert, be listed on our Directory of Practitioners and avail of our centralised marketing and support.

Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder are not short term issues that simply require a new diet or lifestyle plan. They are deep rooted, complex issues that require a combination of psychological and nutritional support over a period of time, to ensure success for your clients.

When a client commits to the Eating Freely Program, they commit to a 4-6 month contract of support, and pay for this upfront or in several instalments – exactly the same financial commitment you make when you sign up to our training.

We will give you guidance and support during the training on how you offer the program to clients and what to charge for it.

Your clients should be paying a similar fee for their specialist program to what you pay us for your specialist training.

We know our graduates can more than fully recover their training fee with their first 1-2 Eating Freely clients, and we will help you do this with our marketing supports.

Very few CE / CPD trainings for Coaches and Therapists offer a guaranteed return on investment. Our CEO Emma Murphy is passionate about ensuring our trainees succeed and grow through investing in our training. 


Our comprehensive, CE and CPD approved training qualifies you to do this work.

We are accredited by internationally recognised professional bodies including the NBHWC and the CPD Certification Service.

We are also CE and CPD approved educators with  national organisations including the IACP and NTOI (Ireland), and the UK Health Coaches Association (UK).

We are always happy to apply to any other organisations for CE / CPD recognition if that organisation is nationally or internationally recognised and their membership are suitably qualified to undertake our training. Pleaase feel free to ask!

Our CEO Emma Murphy is a disordered eating specialist psychotherapist with no formal nutritional training. As a practitioner in private practice, Emma partnered with a nutritional therapist colleague to ensure her clients were getting both types of expert support needed. 

If you do not have any formal training or qualification in nutrition, you will be partnered with another practitioner who can take your client for 1-2 sessions and provide the in-depth nutritional assessment and specialist guidance required as part of the program. All of this will be covered in your training.

Joining our growing international community of practitioners is an investment in yourself.

There is no additional fee for joining our network, this is included in your training fee!

Our goal is to be the World’s leading network of Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder Specialists so that anyone, anywhere can access the specialist support they need to finally resolve their long standing, unhelpful relationship with food by separating their food from their feelings, and their past from the present.

We just want as many qualified, professional and passionate practitioners as possible to be a part of our community and share our vision to finally offer the correct expert help these clients need – which is NOT another diet or exercise program!

As a practitioner you will benefit from:

– Centralised marketing as we continue to grow awareness of the Eating Freely™ Program;

– Inclusion in our Directory of Eating Freely Practitioners;

– Marketing materials you can use locally and online to highlight your new specialist skill to clients;

– Ongoing peer support from the other like minded practitioners in our community;

– Ongoing professional support as part of our facilitated monthly peer group supervision sessions with our trainers;

Further opportunities to specialise and grow your practice:

  • Eating Freely Group Facilitator. Once you have work with a certain minimum number of clients 1-1, you can attend an upgrade training to become an Eating Freely Group Facilitator. Group Programs allow you to see more clients in less time and increase your revenue. They also allow clients who may not be able to afford your 1-1 program to work with you;


  • Eating Freely Trainer.  All of our  trainers started out and still practice as Eating Freely Practitioners – and you can also work towards becoming an Eating Freely trainer;


  • Eating Freely Territory Manager. Experienced Practitioners will also have the opportunity to become Territory Managers – supervising and supporting practitioners in their area.

We want your investment in our training to repay you in spades, and in ways you cannot even imagine today.

If you are passionate about working with women and men to help them break free from old habits, enjoy full health and live their lives as their true authentic self then the Eating Freely community wants you!

Any other Questions? Just drop us a line!

Your Investment


Full Pay discount fee


Three monthly instalments

Training commences Monday 10th January and finishes Friday 1st April 2022.
You can choose your preferred payment option and your preferred weekly group call time at the checkout stage.
2022 Fee Increase! Our fees will be increasing to $2,995 in January 2022.
This is your final opportunity to avail of our training at 2021 fees, and still enjoy all the new benefits and upgrades in 2022!