Train with us to Specialise in Resolving Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder
and join the Eating Freely™ Licensed Practitioner Network!


Why did you train to become a Health & Nutrition Coach?

Why did you walk away from a salaried job to do this work?

Why did you spend time away from your family whilst you studied, and learned, and spent time online missing out on family fun?

Because you are passionate about making a difference to people’s lives, through better health and life balance.

BUT it is not easy to build a practice, is it?

Did you realise all the ‘other stuff’ you would need to learn about – marketing, accounts, cashflow?

Did you underestimate how much time (and money!) you would spend trying to find clients to start with? Then a regular enough flow of clients to pay you? 

And here’s the big one – did you realise that your initial training in health coaching was only the very start of your learning journey? That ongoing learning and understanding of many different health issues would be key to fully supporting a range of clients?


The Eating Freely Practitioner Network is a smart decision to grow your practice and income through specialising in an under-served area, that is in HIGH demand.

Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder.

Step 1 in becoming Licensed is training in this specialist area.

Our Comprehensive 12-week online training includes:

Self-Directed Learning

  • 3 video modules per week, each 30-45 mins.
  • Slides download.
  • Downloadable tools and resources for clients.
  • Reflective and written exercises.
  • Additional resources and further reading recommendations. 

Weekly Live Group Calls

  • Weekly 1.5hr group calls.
  • Max 8 practitioners per group.
  • Expert trainers who are also  practising professionals.
  • Review of self-directed learning material.
  • Case study supervision.
  • 24/7 support from trainers 

Client Case Studies

  • Work with 1-2 case study clients during training.
  • Supervision and support from our expert trainers.
  • Practical experience implementing a ‘done-for-you’  program with all the resources, tools and materials you need to ensure your success.

Step 2 is joining our vibrant international community!
Grow your client base and Revenue offering a structured, evidence-based 3 - 6 month specialist program to clients.

Our Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner Network Includes:

Marketing Support

  • All practitioners featured on the Eating Freely Directory.
  •  Downloadable/printable materials for local marketing.
  • Downloadable materials for online marketing on website and social media platforms.
  • 1 hour Webinar pack. 
  • 5 Day Challenge pack.
  • Paid 1 Day Workshop manual and materials.
  • Awareness raising events.  

Practice Support

  • Comprehensive Eating Freely Program Manual.
  • 3 and 6 month specialist programs to offer clients.
  • Lifetime access to online program, tools & resources for your clients to ensure their compliance, completion and long-term success.
  • Practitioner monthly live group calls for ongoing support and learning.
  • 24/7 support from our trainers & international community of Licensed Practitioners.

Career Development Support

  • Year 2 Licensing Fee includes training and licensing in Eating Freely Group Facilitation – another opportunity to grow your income.
  • Year 3 Licensing Fee offers options to train as a trainer, and/or a licensed Eating Freely Retreat Facilitator – both offer additional revenue. 
  • Community Gathering – live in-person and online events for Practitioners.
  • Become an Eating Freely Territory Owner!*  (*Further T&C’s apply)

Marcie is an NBC-HWC Health & Nutrition Coach, and a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner in Boston.

Why Specialise?

  • 30% of adults seeking weight loss solutions and stuck in a long-standing pattern of Yo-Yo dieting meet the criteria for Binge Eating Disorder.

  • Binge Eating Disorder is not about food, it is about feelings, and is almost always underpinned by childhood trauma.

  • It is a mental health issue requiring specialist support.

  • That’s why a weight loss program can NEVER resolve it.

Our comprehensive training provides you all the tools, resources and handouts you need to help clients:


their episodes of Emotional and Binge Eating straight way with CBT tools and resources.


their gut and physical health through specialist Nutritional Therapy and Mindful, Intuitive Eating.


the negative critical voice in their head to be kinder and more caring with Mindful Self-Compassion.


their brain, by breaking unhelpful Autopilots and Habit Loops and letting go of trauma-based fear through Neuroscience.

Register for our 1-Day Workshop:

Working with Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder.

Earn 6 CE /CPD Credits - NBHWC Approved.

 Online Workshop

Friday 10th March

10am – 4pm EST / 7am – 1pm PST / 3pm – 9pm GMT

Live Workshop – Miami Coconut Grove, FL

Tuesday 25th April

9.30am – 4.30pm EST 

Venue: Hampton Inn by Hilton

Parking: Free

Lunch: Included

Join us to become an Emotional & Binge Eating Specialist through our CE & CPD Approved Training.

Deepen your skills and grow your practice as a Licensed Eating Freely™ Practitioner.

Our 'done-for-you' evidence based program integrates therapeutic, nutritional and coaching skills.

Training Curriculum

3 x Video Modules

1. Overview: All about Binge Eating Disorder 

2. Intake: Screening and clients within your competency or referring on. 

3. CBT: Breaking the All or Nothing thinking, and connecting the dots on triggers to emotional eating.

Downloads and client handouts

1 x 90 Minute Live Group Call (mandatory)

1 x 45 min Office Hours (optional)

3 x Video Modules

1. Nutritional Assessment Review.

2. All Calories are not equal – Separating Binge Eating from Regular Eating.

3. Blood Sugar Balancing, Eating Rhythm and Nutritional Assessment Review.

Downloads and client handouts

1 x 90 Minute Live Group Call (mandatory)

1 x 45 min Office Hours (optional)

3 x Video Modules

1. CBT: Reducing Binge Eating Episodes.

2. Nutrition: Eating Attunement – re-establishing hunger/fullness Cues.

3. Navigating the client’s barriers to nutritional change 

Downloads and client handouts

1 x 90 Minute Live Group Call (mandatory)

1 x 45 min Office Hours (optional)

3 x Video Modules

1. ‘It’s not you, it’s your brain!’.
2. Breaking Autopilots and Habit Loops.
3. Instant vs Delayed gratification – short and long term.

Downloads and client handouts

1 x 90 Minute Live Group Call (mandatory)

1 x 45 min Office Hours (optional)

3 x Video Modules

1.Mindfulness: Non-Food Hunger – what am I hungry for?

2. Neuroscience p1:
Taking the brain out of Fight/Flight/Fear.

3. Neuroscience p.2: Moving from short term reaction to longer term responses.

From Week 5 you begin working with a case study client to practically implement the program with support and supervision.

Downloads and client handouts

1 x 90 Minute Live Group Call (mandatory)

1 x 45 min Office Hours (optional)

3 x Video Modules

1.Therapy Skills: Family of Origin – Looking at the past to understand the present.

2. Mindfulness: How to dial down the Inner Critical Voice.

3. Barriers to Change: Exploring what prevents clients from implementing changes.

Downloads and client handouts

1 x 90 Minute Live Group Call (mandatory)

1 x 45 min Office Hours (optional)

1.Nutrition: All about Gut Health – the digestive system.

2. Nutrition: All About Gut Health – gastro intestinal distress.

3. Nutrition: All About Gut Health – common gut issues and treatments.

Downloads and client handouts

1 x 90 Minute Live Group Call (mandatory)

1 x 45 min Office Hours (optional)

3 x Video Modules

1. Neuroscience: Conscious and unconscious barriers to change, payoffs for not changing.

2.  All about body image, self-compassion and authentic self-care.

3. The Inner Child: Connecting with the younger self to clear old energy that holds clients back.

Downloads and client handouts

1 x 90 Minute Live Group Call (mandatory)

1 x 45 min Office Hours (optional)

3 x Video Modules

1.The Food Environment Audit – ensuring the client has everything they need to continue changing their relationship with food and how they eat.

2. The Lifestyle Audit – ensuring the client is living more holistically and has balance in key areas of their life.

3. The Relationships Audit – ensuring the client has incorporated changes in their communication and boundaries to surround themselves with support and not sabotage.

Downloads and client handouts

1 x 90 Minute Live Group Call (mandatory)

1 x 45 min Office Hours (optional)


3 x Video Modules

1. What’s the REAL problem? Taking responsibility for what truly needs to change.

2. Transformational Change – letting go of what no longer serves

3. Radical self-love – recalibrating the past to move into a new future.

Downloads and client handouts

1 x 90 Minute Live Group Call (mandatory)

1 x 45 min Office Hours (optional)

3 x Video Modules

1. Forgiveness #1 – Letting go of resentment and regret.

2. Forgiveness #2 – How to forgive self and others.

3.  Neuroscience – Forming new habits to ensure long term success.

Downloads and client handouts

1 x 90 Minute Live Group Call (mandatory)

1 x 45 min Office Hours (optional)

3 x Video Modules

1.Ending the contract and ensuring the client has everything they need, including any onward referrals or entering into a new contract to continue building on progress.

2. All About Marketing your new skill #1

3. All About Marketing your new skill #2

Downloads and client handouts

1 x 90 Minute Live Group Call (mandatory)

1 x 45 min Office Hours (optional)

Once training concludes, all practitioners will be integrated into the Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner Community and continue to be supported there.

Our Entry Criteria

In order to apply to become a Licensed Eating FreelyPractitioner and undertake our CE Approved specialist training you must:  

Be a fully qualified health professional e.g. Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Registered Nurse, Psychologist,  Medical Professional.


Be a fully qualified and accredited Health, Wellness or Nutrition Coach, Registered Nutritional Therapist, Registered Dietician or Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner.


Hold current membership of a recognised accrediting body.


Hold current professional indemnity and public liability insurance that covers working with clients in a one to one setting.

In order to successfully graduate from this training, a minimum 80%  attendance is mandatory on online group calls, at least 1 case study client will be worked with for a minimum of 6 sessions during the training period, and trainees must demonstrate a strong understanding of the material and its application to their Course Facilitator.

The Eating Freely Program makes resolving Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder simple

Hi, I’m Emma Murphy, CEO of Connected Health Training and the author of the Eating Freely™ Program.

The Eating Freely™ Program evolved out of my 12 years experience of working as a Psychotherapist in private practice, specialising in Disordered Eating.

There has always been high demand for this specialist support, and when I began to get overwhelmed and burned out from the amount of clients seeking my specialist support, I knew it was time to train other professionals to also do what I was doing – initially to give myself some referral options when my waiting list grew too long!

However, once I began training others, the word spread and more professionals wanted to do the training – there is a significant lack of professional training in all areas of disordered eating for professionals!  

I have since delivered workshops and training to hundreds of practitioners both here in Ireland and internationally, and presented at conferences from here to Australia on the specialist topic of disordered eating.

My team and I are dedicated to ensuring we deliver the highest quality, accredited, evidence-based training to Coaches and Therapists, AND that you can then take that training and apply it immediately to your client work – getting that all important tangible return on your investment.

We want you to know that clients can finally get the professional, effective help they need to find true freedom around food, FOREVER, and you can deliver this for them.

It has been an honour and privilege to work with so many amazing clients over the years, strong, tenacious, resilient clients who kept doing the best they could despite feeling relentless shame, guilt, self-hatred and ‘not good enough-ness’. There is no greater validation of your choice to become a professional helper than to have your client walk out of your door, finally free of their secret, shameful binge eating, which had plagued them for years – often decades, and often since childhood.

I am passionate about bringing Binge Eating Disorder into mainstream conversation and into every form of support clients might look for. Clients can look for weight loss support, nutrition support, health and life coaching or therapy in their effort to get a handle on their unhelpful relationship with food, their low self-worth or lack of assertiveness, their past trauma. So clients with Binge Eating Disorder can turn up anywhere, and the professionals they go to need to know how to correctly support them. 

I now speak nationally and internationally to raise awareness of Binge Eating Disorder and educate health professionals in working with this specialist issue.

If you are part of an organisation that serves clients, please contact us for details on our 1 Day Workshop for Professionals which can be facilitated for your team, or to enquire about your organisation becoming a Licensed Eating Freely™ Program provider.

Help your clients to find true freedom around food forever,
and help yourself earn a measurable return on your investment through specialising & offering a 'done for you' evidence-based program.