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Emotional & Binge Eating Training

Marcie Desmond, Health and Nutrition Coach
Boston – USA, 2021

Self-Compassion Training

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Emotional & Binge Eating Specialist Training

As a Nutritional Therapist I am passionate about the gut and how it influences how we exist; As a Life Coach, I am passionate about helping people get unstuck, moving things forward; As a human who had an unhealthy relationship with healthy food;

I was searching for an honest evidence-based approach to support my clients going forward, And I have found that in the Eating Freely Program. Before I found Eating Freely, I could see that many of the physical symptoms people were experiencing were due to some form of inner conflict. Yet they were striving to get control over what they were eating in an attempt to fix or even avoid all this discomfort.

This programme allows you to work on the food, to build a solid and safe relationship for someone with what they eat. Even that one step creates a huge shift in behaviour for my clients now. However this programme is so expertly created that it then moves into a phase of drawing awareness to the behaviours that stem from the past but impact hugely on the current day bingeing or emotional eating behaviours, those inner conflicts that are sabotaging all efforts to be fit, slim or healthy. 

As clients begin to see that they have a choice to shape their future going forward, their motivation and commitment to do the real work they need to do just grows and grows. And the final part of the program really builds your client towards self-responsibility for their actions so that they never have to look at a diet plan again.

It is with complete pride that I see clients grow their tools and resources for life so they don’t fall prey to another FALSE promise of the Weight Loss industry. As you work with clients, the program can be full of ups and downs as your clients uncover parts of themselves they’ve been hiding from. However the sessions are also supported by wonderfully created online tools tons of client resources.  I feel these measures along with the pace of the program all build into the safe and trusting atmosphere that is created for clients to experience success in achieving their goals.

On a personal level, the support I have received has been immense. Emma and her team are always at the other end of the phone to answer any questions I have. Coaching/NT are all industries that can be lonely to work in, but this group not only offer professional advice but mentoring and connection with like-minded people. I was only reflecting to Emma the other day that in joining this program, I now get to do more of what I love doing. In fact I would say that my business is now 5 years ahead of where I thought it would be, which is only testament to the quality of this Program. It works. And for anyone thinking about their next step in the Wellness field then look no further, here it is

Denise Wogan
Registered Nutritional Therapist & Life Coach
Self-Compassion Coaching
Today I am a speaker, a Self-Love Coach and Yogi, and the "I love You ME" method is the foundation tool in my practice. This method allows me to help people all around the world and I combine this method with my yoga practice. This method is a must for everyone. I have done lots of therapy and coaching, but nothing; nothing helped me as much as "I love you, me". Everyone should know this method because it will transform every area of your life.
Nat Evolve
ILYM Self-Love Coach

My Menopause Transformation
I am so grateful for everything I have learned. I now know I am post-menopausal. I have stopped being so crazy with exercise. I sleep most of every night now and if I wake I get back to sleep. I no longer go to the toilet in the night. I have lost weight around my middle. I am so happy to eat raisins again. I love Mediterranean food. My joints are no longer sore. My stress over the past few years is explained, I'm not just a horrible person. Here is a photo of a happy Sacha again!

Sacha B.
New Zealand
Self Compassion Coaching
Tara, I cannot believe what you did for me. I’m so grateful. You are an ANGEL... and I don’t say that lightly. What an awesome transformational weekend...I’m not ashamed to share. I have cried unashamedly and had the most powerful breakthroughs this weekend. I am emotionally shattered, beautifully cleansed and totally transformed. What an awesome journey, and beautiful friends made along the way. Thank you so much Tara Love Perry, what you gave to each of this weekend is beyond priceless. You are a beautiful, magical person, and I thank you for the ‘gifts’ you gave me.. that always existed inside me, and will now exist and expand for evermore
Anne-Marie Wickham
Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

Emotional & Binge Eating Specialist Training
Having worked as a therapist in Eating Disorders services in the UK for over a decade I was very curious to learn more about the Eating Freely approach to therapy for people with emotional eating. I completed the training with Emma in Dublin in October 2018 and I have to say that I found the whole program to be extremely comprehensive.

Emma has used her vast knowledge and experience of working with clients to produce a well-tested and systematic approach to tackling binge eating. When the client first enters the program there are a range of easy to use and well thought out practical and cognitive tools to help get their eating behaviours back on track. Each of the early sessions has a particular area to focus on, which I have found really helps me as the therapist to address the disordered eating in a very logical and orderly way.

Explanatory and educational videos are presented online for the client to back up all the information given by the therapist in the sessions, the clients that I have worked with so far have all reported finding the tools simple to use but also extremely helpful and effective. Once the client has begun to stabilise their eating patterns then the therapist can begin to explore more of the deeper underlying issues in more detail... Addressing trauma, family dynamics, unmet needs, inner child work, and so on.

There is a strong focus within the program on self-love, self-care, and on building self-esteem, and the program also supplies guided meditations to the practitioner to assist with this. Clients are constantly encouraged throughout the program to focus on finding healthier ways to meet the emotional needs that their disordered eating previously served to conceal.

I would highly recommend the Eating Freely training to any therapist looking for a tried and tested approach to working with clients with emotional eating, and I am very happy to be part of the Eating Freely team.

Louise George
Emotional & Binge Eating Specialist Training

Doing the training for the Eating Freely and learning so much about disordered eating and binge eating has enhanced my knowledge beyond belief. This was an area for me that I did not pay much attention to until a friend suggested doing the training. I now have greater understanding on how food is connected to early childhood emotional experiences, and how clients still use this coping mechanism in their adult life – well beyond its usefulness for them. This programme is user friendly, clients understand it without feeling overwhelmed and the order that the sessions are done really enable clients to progress at a good pace. Having the deeper counselling sessions towards the end of the course gives clients and counsellor time to build the therapeutic relationship, thus, trust and safety are in place for the deeper work to happen. My practice has been enhanced through this course, and on a personal level I have also made significant changes in eating habits!

The areas that are covered in the training are essential for full understanding of what goes on for clients. In my experience working with clients one of the main areas that really 'fits and sticks' with them is the neuroscience session, how the brain works with regard to autopilots, hormones and neurotransmitters being triggered. I feel this gives clients a 'logical' and very helpful explanation of what is actually going on and then the easy workable tools to reduce and resolve these old, unhelpful habits. The family of origin and inner child focused sessions really connect the past with the present for clients too. beyond any training fee.

Sue Boad
Emotional & Binge Eating Specialist Training

I truly enjoy being part of the Eating Freely Program as one of the Nutritional Therapists and now one of the Training Facilitators. As someone who has been working with people struggling around food and eating for a number of years now, I see the combination of nutrition support and therapy being of utmost importance as people begin their healing journey.

Our relationship with food and our bodies are complex and eating disorders are multifaceted, which is why a team approach will yield the best outcome for all involved. Of course the continuing referrals are helpful for my business too! 

Having worked within the network for several years, I am delighted and honoured to now be a Training Facilitator. The shared learning in the weekly group calls continues to support me as much as the trainees - it is  a powerful component of the training and has a value that goes way beyond any training fee.

Linn Thorstensson
Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach