Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Emma Murphy January 7, 2022

Hello and welcome!

It’s my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the Eating Freely Program learning dashboard.  In this pre-training module, we just want to ensure you get a good foundation to start your learning journey. 

The pre-training material will unlock for you between now and the start of your training program. To begin you will see below a welcome video from me with some important information in it.  You will also see your first pre-training module on the main Eating Disorder Diagnoses, and the downloadable PDF that goes with it.

Once your group’s training unlocks on your chosen start date, you will find all your learning materials – videos, downloads and handouts, written reflective exercise instructions and recommended further reading suggestions.

The main dashboard unlocks the material on a weekly basis, but once a module unlocks, it stays unlocked so you can refer back to previous modules any time.

You will also see there the link for your weekly live online group Zoom calls, and you use the same link each week, and a link to the app for any questions, feedback and to communicate with the rest of the group. It works very much like a Facebook Group, but completely privately!

If you are ready now, grab a drink, a notebook and a pen and watch the first four videos!